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Happy Birthday, Sexy!

The birthday of your boyfriend, girlfriend or beloved spouse is an exceptional case when he or she wants to feel special. If your relationship is hot and sexy, we will help you with the choice of best wishes or pictures. In fact, it is very important for a partner to understand that feelings are mutual, and to know that in this world, there is someone who really cares, loves and appreciates him or her. Birthday is the perfect time to express your thoughts and feelings by sending sexual wishes, quotes and congratulations from the heart.
Love each other! Happy birthday, Sexy!

happy birthday gift drink and sexy
Woman playing domination games in bed

Today, on your birthday, I presented a special “no-rule” coupon, which gives you the right to become my host for one night, and I – your slave. You can make me do whatever you want. You can even do whatever you want with me.
Suffice to say, I think you understood, didn’t you, my master?
Happy and hot birthday!

First, we will go shopping, then drinks, then for a romantic dinner, and then in the bedroom will be a long and naughty session. Your birthday will be tedious, and I hope you don’t mind.
Happy birthday, sexy!

I spent more hours at work to give you an expensive birthday present. I also spent more hours in the gym to get back in shape and seduce you tonight. And I hope you enjoy your gift and my sensual seduction!
Happy birthday to the sexiest person alive.

The surprise doesn’t end after the party. When your friends are gone, and the house is silent, we will continue the wildest part of your party – just the two of us. Happy birthday, my dear.


Feeling the warmth of your body next to mine is how I want to sleep for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday, Sexy!

I could not come up with a better partner than you, in the bedroom and beyond. On your birthday, we will have a wild holiday, inside and outside the bedroom – and I can’t wait! Let the party begin. I wish you a happy and busy birthday, dear.

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